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Our core values are bringing the maximum amount of value and making a positive impact to the real estate investing community

Turning Real Estate Investment Expertise into financial services fintech software to turn everyday people into thriving real estate investors.

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Our Vision

To create a community of financially independent real estate investors and provide them with the knowledge and tools to thrive.

Our Mission

To connect the world of real estate professionals and investors with enterprise-level fintech software and to the best available financing and get them closed as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

Next Level Software

Technology is a very powerful tool. With the foundation of helping real estate investors achieve their dream portfolio, we strive for a plug-and-play structure that instantly provides life-evolving digital tools.

White Glove Treatment

Every real estate investment is a life-changing opportunity. To us, every real estate investor deserves to have a wolf pack at their side helping them take control of their financial future. No matter the capacity in which you work with Loan Wolf, you will never be a lone wolf.

Transparency & Accessibility

Communication, clarity, and honesty are all essential to be successful. From our financial technology to our services, we provide every client with the tools to make educated financial decisions in the extremely fast-paced industry of real estate investing.

Maximizing Value

Every step we take is with the goal of adding the most value. Our technology is designed to simplify and to optimize every aspect of being a successful real estate investor. Turning the feeling of time-slipping-away and all the day-to-day running you do now, into you maximizing your time while you seamlessly scale.

Unbiased Service

We love being the real estate investment professional that's on your team to ensure you are taken care of, treated professionally, and ensuring you ultimately succeed. You deserve to be provided with solutions, execution, and professionalism. We are the team you can count on from your first deal to your hundredth.

Professionlism & Expertise

Our team of seasoned real estate investment professionals and software developers love what we do. Every opportunity of a real estate closing is the opportunity to have a great experience, learn, advance, and profit.

To us, you are the most important person in the real estate investment closing.

Our Story

Our company timeline

End of 2022

Exciting Things Coming Soon...

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WebApp for Hard Money Loan Originations Lauched

After nearly 6 months of nonstop development, the Loan Wolf web portal was live and available to all of our clients for a faster and more secure way to obtain real estate investment loans from Loan Wolf's proprietary vetted hard and private money capital partners.

September 2022

Fintech SaaS Additions Launched

After 15 months of continuous software enhancement and development, we were able to complete massive web portal improvements and new financial technologies. Our ultimate goal was to provide the maximum amount of value and positive impact to the real estate investing community. Providing investors with enterprise-level fintech software and implementing improvements to the hard money loan origination software.

April 2020

Loan Wolf was founded

Loan Wolf started as a small, service-based real estate investment loan brokerage. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that a change in process was necessary to provide the level of service and support real estate investors deserve and desire.