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Loan Tracking Software. A secure webapp portal to upload documents, see terms, track progress, and view the valuation.
Two phones showing the loan tracking software. The left showing the menu and documents section. The second phone showing the milestone tracker
Opportinity to add value to everyday investors

Time , Attention, and Communication Intensive

Real Estate Investment financing is a complex and fast paced industry. Taking it upon yourself to shop for the best loan option and originating your loan with a hard or private money lender is far too time consuming and tedious. Without the expertise, unbiased support, and execution from a real estate loan expert at Loan Wolf, you will find yourself realizing the following are the realities;

Time Consuming
Organizational Nightmare's
Cannot Keep Track of Communication
Labor Intensive Process
Endless Email Chains
Lack of Transparency
Biased Representation

Experience the Power of Financing Bliss

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Loan Amount

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Financial Tools for you to thrive!

Make educated and calculated financial decisions with our real estate investment financial analysis tools. Preparation is they key to limiting liability and setting up for success from the start. Loan Wolf provides every day investors the key to unlocking higher cash on cash returns.

Two phones showing the loan tracking software. The left showing the menu and documents section. The second phone showing the milestone tracker

Simplified, Streamlined, and Stress Free

Real estate investment fintech

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On any device, In under 2 minutes.

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Our software and your dedicated loan expert match you with the optimal terms.

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Review, Compare, and Originate at the Market's best rates.

Streamlined Investment Loan Closings

Digital Loan Originations

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We're built for you to optimize your time, energy and your cash on cash return. Experience financing bliss.

Two phones showing the loan tracking software. The left showing the menu and documents section. The second phone showing the milestone tracker
Why Us

Learn why Loan Wolf is the right choice for you

secure portal

Secure portal

Experience modern technology, built for you to succeed. Conveniently upload documents, communicate with your loan processor, and track the status of your loan.

Flexible Repayment

Flexible Repayment

Each loan product works with a respective investment strategy. Giving you the ability to create the most value in each property.

Limit Liability

Limit Liability

Separate your investments from your personal life. Spread your liability across multiple properties instead of having all of your capital in one deal.

Maximize Returns

Maximize Returns

Each investment loan product we offer will help to maximize your cash on cash returns. Capitalizing on real estate with only a fraction of the cost out of your pocket.

The key to capitalize

Ability to capitalize

Our technology creates a streamlined and convenient way to finance investment properties. Allowing you to fund the all the opportunities you come across.

World class support

World class support

Our team of professionals within the real estate investment financing industry, will make sure you get the support you need.

Increase your success

One platform for all your real estate investment financing needs

Hard money loans are a specific type of financing that is built for real estate investors. This means the loan is primarily based on the asset. The loan is secured by real property. Rates and loan amounts (LTV/LTC) are based on property location, real estate investment experience, and FICO score.

Non-owner occupied
New and experienced investors thrive
Institutional grade capital
Enterprise level financial software
No impact on DTI (debt-to-income) ratio
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"The best real estate investment financing experience I've ever had."

“The best decision I have ever made regarding real estate investments”

"Going into Real Estate Investment was very new for me. Ecstatic about get our first home we were faced with what about financing? Yikes! I heard about Louis W. @ Loan Wolf and immediately called him. The best call I have ever made regarding REI. Louis was so knowledgeable about the financing, but the business all together. Louis held my hand and took me step by step into the entire process. Every nervous fiber disappeared knowing he was by my side. There were occasions that Louis stepped in to different vendors and fought for me so they did not take advantage of my ignorance. I can’t thank Louis and Loan Wolf enough for guiding me and becoming more than just business, but developing a friendship. The best financing company there is!"

Kendra Sterling

“The best hard money broker, hands down! The first of many more.”

"Louis is the BEST hands down!!! I’ve never come across anyone in any business who holds your hand from start to finish, who looks out for your best interests, who goes to bat for you, who validates you, and explains everything to you every single step of the way. Louis is my go to broker for all future deals. Moving forward. Hands down. Thank you for making my first investment property a reality. This is the first of many more to come. Bless you and thank you!"

Mia Smith

Don't take our word for it, take theirs

We love to help real estate investors thrive. See the great experiences some of our investor clients have received.

“Beyond Professional, their attention to detail is remarkable.”

"Working with Loan Wolf has been nothing short then Amazing. They’re second to none. Beyond Professional, their attention to detail is remarkable. For every file I’ve brought to them, they strap on their boots and go the extra mile to close files smoothly and in timely fashion. Most importantly, 100% of the time, they will Beat your other lender’s terms and rates. So therefore, Don’t choose the other guys… CHOOSE LOAN WOLF!!"

George Alzate